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Firestone Performer 85




Thanks to Firestone's unique Dual-Angle lug design, the Performer 85 delivers superior traction, excellent self-cleaning, and low soil disturbance.


The increased crown radius (flat tread) results in an even larger footprint, which in turns leads to less soil compaction and uniform tread wear.


The performer 85 features a long tyre life and excellent driving comfort.

Firestone Performer 85




The Optitrac DT824 is a volume tyre.


Small rim diameter and large air volume.


Lower pressure - soil protection.

Longer wearing tread.


Identical load capacity at 40 and 50 kmph.


Great traction at low inflation pressure.


Outstanding mobility in both wet and dry soil.

Firestone Performer 85




TM800 with its extra-large tread pattern offers maximum performance in the field and it is able to carry heavy loads and to work at very low pressure.

Its winning feature is its excellent performance on the road in term of stability, handling, comfort and long tyre life.

Firestone Performer 85




Reduced soil compaction.


Low soil disturbance.


More even wear and longer tread life.


Improved driver comfort.


Excellent traction in the field.


Excellent self-cleaning.



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